About us

Bicycle Blooms is an Oxford-based florist. Our floral style is tailored to each individual and reflects a natural looking bouquet made of beautiful flowers which are freshly hand picked.   We provide floral arrangements for all occasions including weddings and funerals. Our bouquets reflect a love of the garden and have a good mix of texture and foliage.

Influenced by nature, I like to use flowers, seed heads, berries and leaves that capture the changing seasons, with an emphasis on letting the flowers and foliage speak for themselves.

It’s important to me that your bouquet and flowers should evoke the senses. Memories of walking through the garden and brushing past mint, lavender or rosemary, the scent of roses from your grandmothers garden or handfuls of chocolate scented Cosmos. Scent, touch and colour are all important to me.

Our shop

At our Oxford-based flower shop at 138 Magdalen Road Oxford we can provide you with seasonal bouquets ready tied, either in easy to carry water containers or simply wrapped in paper.

There’s space for us to chat together over a coffee about your wedding or other event. Please contact us to arrange a suitable time to meet. For a little preview of the shop take a tour by clicking here.

We also run workshops which you can find out about here.

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